Drives with Solution for almost any application


Constant Torque & Variable Torque Models available for:


  • o 115-600VAC
  • o 1/4HP to 1500HP


V/Hz, Open Loop or Closed Loop Vector Control


Options: Dynamic Braking, Communications, Custom Application Software (CASE) ….. and many more



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ACS550, 0.75 – 550HP


208VAC – 600VAC


  • V/Hz, Closed Loop Flux Vector and Sensorless Vector Control
  • Control Panel with Start-up, Maintenance and Diagnostic Assistance and Graphics Display
  • Patented Swinging Choke for Superior Harmonic Mitigation


ACH550, 1 – 500HP, HVAC Drive


208VAC to 600VAC


  • Built in EMI/RFI Filters
  • Built in Timers utilizing Real Time clock
  • Two Independent PID Controllers Built in
  • Interactive maintenance and Diagnostic Assistant






Economical AC Drives


208-600VAC, up to 250HP


Protected Chassis, NEMA1, NEMA12 & NEMA4X models


HVAC panels with Bypass



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S10-Compact economical drive with 2 years warranty


  • 115V/1Phase input, 230V/3Phase output upto 1HP
  • Protected Chassis or NEMA4X
  • Best for OEMs
  • Ideal to replace DC Drives & Motors


Other V/f, Open or closed loop vector drive models


Solid state reduced voltage starters


DC Drives







115 – 590V up to 150HP


Standard drives and Packaged drives available


Special packages available for HVAC applications




Economical Range of Drives


Micro Drives


115-480VAC up to 60HP


Automation interface options







ARTDrive G Torque vector drive 0.5-150HP 230/460/575V


ARTDrive V Flux vector automation drive 0.5-800HP 230/460/575V


ARTDrive S Brushless servo drive 3-44Amp 230/460V


TDP32 Regenerative & Non-Regenerative DC Drives


SBM & SJH Bushless servo motors 0.33-442Nm






Single phase inverters upto 0.75HP (115V/1Phase input, 115V/1Phase output)


For Permanent Split Capacitor or Shaded-Pole Single Phase motors




For more information, please contact:


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