Torspec electrical variable speed drives, the choice for many demanding applications around the world. Here’s why:

Torspec’s simple innovative design has evolved from over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the industry’s most demanding applications.

Torspec TCD variable speed drives consist of a standard Nema C or Metric D flanged AC induction motor. This standard AC motor is directly flanged to the Torspec TCD unit.

The Torspec unit, when energized, transmits smooth frictionless torque and is cooled constantly throughout its speed range without the need for complicated expensive cooling systems. The built in tacho generator gives a high performance closed loop speed-control, up to 40 to 1 speed range and a ½ percent speed regulation.

Simple rugged performance

Torspec variable speed drives deliver up to 300% starting torque unmatched by any other electrical AC or DC drives.

This high starting torque allows you to size the drive to the HP/KW demand without oversizing or derating factors, saving you many extra costs associated with oversizing.

Simple installation


Torspec variable speed drives can be installed easily and work off any three phase voltages with no need for expensive protection.

We offer standard 50 or 60 cycle models, making Torspec a simple choice when exporting machinery for worldwide applications. There is no need for expensive start-up commissioning, or highly trained technicians. In fact, they are as simple to install as a standard AC motor.

Retrofitting obsolete eddy-current or troublesome AC and DC drives is a simple decision with Torspec.Torspec variable speed drives offer a wide operating speed range with highs tarting torque and there is no need for a derating factor. The electro-magnetic principle combined with a simple closed loop control delivers good speed regulation with smooth transition of torque.

Simple low cost

Our simple design has enabled us to be very cost competitive against all other types of variable speed drives.

Because Torspec drives operate maintenance free for many years with no down time, their overall operating costs are low.

There are many drive choices, but only Torspec offers a simple, low cost solution to all the industry’s demands.

Downtime can be very costly, therefore it is critical to choose the most durable and reliable variable speed drive available today. In fact we are so confident, we offer our exclusive 3 year warranty.

Control Advantages

- One simple plug-in controller for all models

- Low cost full featured

- Only 6” x 8” in size

- No expensive line conditioning required

- Low radio frequency interference

- No harmonics

- Compact Nema 4/12 enclosures, no air conditioning required

- PLC compatibility

- Simple start-up factory set controls

- No need for expensive commissioning or highly qualified technicians

- CSA, UL and CE approved

Simple choice vs competition

1. No maintenance

2. No power line problems

3. No expensive installation costs

4. No expensive protection required

5. No expensive spares

6. Operates in the most demanding environments

7. No oversizing or derating

8. Fast immediate deliveries

9. Standard AC motors for world wide acceptance





Model 5001TCP

Model 6001TCP

Model 9001TCP




CSA, UL and CE approved

Nema 4/12 enclosure

Fully digital

115/230 volts single phase 50/60 HZ selectable AC iuput

115/230 volts single phase 50/60 HZ selectable Ac input

115/230 volts single phase 50/6- HZ selectable input

Accepts 4-20 milli-amp, 0-10 volts DC input process signals

Speed potentiometer

Micro processor based

4-20 milli-amp, 0-10 volts DC outputs

On/off switch

Programmable input/outputs

Plug-in quick release terminal strip

Pilot light

Programmable macros

Inhibit circuit

Metal construction

Liquid crystal display

Only 6” x 8” in size

High quality

Speed readout

Up to 150 HP

Powder coat paint

Nema 4/12 enclosure


Compact size 8” x 10”

Compact size 8” x 10”


Up to 150 HP

Up to 150 HP