Permanent Magnet DC Motors – 90VDC and 180VDC


AC Motors - general / special purpose motors


Inverter duty


Explosion proof


Tri-voltage (208-230/460 volts)








General Purpose or Special Purpose AC Motors


Inverter duty:


  • MicroMax (1/4HP to 10HP) – Speed Range 20:1
  • BlackMax (1/4HP to 30HP) - Speed Range 1000:1
  • BlueMax (upto 100HP) - Speed Range 2000:1
  • 3 years warranty


Explosion proof, Wash down duty, Premium efficiency


Encoder mounted motors






General Purpose – TEFC and ODP


Special Purpose & Custom-built motors


TEFC – up to 800HP


ODP – up to 2500HP


Super Efficient – up to 2500HP


 Wash-down Duty – up to 20HP






General Purpose AC Motors


Premium & Inverter-shield (1HP to 250HP)


AC Inverter duty motor, tri-voltage (208-230 / 460VAC)


Warranty: 5 years







AC Motors – Aluminum frame and Cast Iron


High Efficiency Designs


CSA and UL approved


Tri-voltage (208-230/460 volts)






AC Induction motors


Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled in Cast Iron – up to 150HP


NEMA B design 


RPM (Sync.): 1200, 1800, 3600








AC & DC parallel-shaft Gear Motors


Right Angle Gear Motors


12V PMDC Gear Motors


Hollow-shaft Gear Motors








Geared motors – compact in size


Parallel shaft AC & DC Gear Motors


Right Angle AC & DC Gear Motors


Hollow-shaft AC & DC Gear Motors


24VDC & 130VDC Gear Motors




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